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FIFA Mobile - What You Need to Do Before the Reset


Increase team OVR. At the start of the new season, players will be rewarded based on their performance in the season that passed. Team OVR is used to determine players' performance. This means that players have until the end of the first season to improve team's OVR. This rating depends on the OVR of the football players that are part of the team so the only way to boost the OVR is to get better cards. The reward will help players build teams for the new challenges. Items such as cards and packs are obtained. FIFA Mobile points can be obtained as well.
Take part in the Pre-Season program. This is the last program that will be available in the current season. Players are advised to stick with activities pertaining to this program. This is the best method to get high OVR players. Twenty-seven new football player cards are introduced with the new program. Some of these new player cards have 100 OVR. Users have the chance to get program players when they take part in modes like VS Attack and live events. There will be three special live events available as long as the Pre-Season program lasts. Players are given the chance to get rid of older tokens by completing exchange plans.
Spend FIFA Mobile coins. Players start the new season with zero coins. All coins that are not spent will be reset so it's best to exchange them into something valuable while there is still time. Players are advised to spend their coins on items that help them raise team OVR. FIFA Mobile points are not reset so it's up to players how they decide to manage this currency. Should they decide to spend them at the FIFA Mobile store, they should look for packs that have the „now and later” icon. In addition to the normal reward, these packs contain extra items that can be used in the new season.

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