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How to Get Rewards in FIFA Mobile with Plans


Plans are one of the numerous ways to earn rewards in FIFA Mobile. Players' goal is to acquire as many items as possible to improve their team and to sell for FIFA Mobile coins. FIFA Mobile has a rewards system called Plans. This is somewhat equivalent to a crafting feature. Plans mode allows players to obtain new items from unneeded ones. The newly acquired items will always be better than the ones that were spent to create them so working towards Plans is a profitable activity. Players get what they need for Plans by taking part in FIFA Mobile activities. Playing against others in attack mode, completing live events and opening packs will reward players with Plan items. 
One of the most compelling reasons to complete Plans is exclusive content. There are FIFA Mobile Plans that give players access into content that cannot be otherwise unlocked. The rewards for unlocking this include some of the best in game players. High quality players cards can be sold for FIFA Mobile coins Android/ IOS in the auction house. Each Plan has a requirement. Players can view Plan details by going on a Plan's page. Completion requirements as well as the list of rewards is displayed. Players are advised to check all available Plans and start working towards the one that can bring them the best rewards without much effort. Normally players have to open up the Plan page to add items but there's one situation in which items are automatically added. There are some FIFA Mobile live events activities that drop Plan items and the items can be quickly sent to a Plan when they're earned. This feature is both convenient and fast. In some cases players will also get a notification informing them about Plan progress and how many more items they need to complete it.  Plans is a feature that is constantly growing. The list is expanding so users will never run of out things to do while playing FIFA Mobile. 

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