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3 Reasons Why FIFA Mobile is Increasingly Like FIFA 19


EA Sports has renewed the mobile version of the extremely popular football game. Where the application used to be a real game slack, the latest FIFA Mobile update offers some interesting improvements.
In fact, the game has been completely redesigned, because the so-called engine of the game has been completely renovated. This determines the operation of a game. This has changed the gameplay and graphics and the use of artificial intelligence have greatly improved.
In addition, EA has added a number of new features to the application. We present the four most important changes in FIFA

Mobile for you.
1. Better graphics that make the game more realistic.
Thanks to the new engine of the game, the games of players, like in the version for consoles, are more realistic than ever. Each player has more than one character. For example, a soccer player has his own actions of running and dances of joy.
Also, a pot from 11 to 11 now looks smoother and more beautiful. Of course it is not as strong as when FIFA is playing on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but for a football game for smartphones it seems quite realistic.
2. Matches in real time against other players.
FIFA Mobile lets you play games in real time against other players around the world and buy FIFA Mobile coins easily. To improve and beat others, you can also compete against an artificial intelligence coach in the amateur and professional divisions.
Thanks to artificial intelligence, this virtual opponent is getting stronger, so you also have to improve to be the winning team. When you are stronger with the help of artificial intelligence coach, you play online against whoever you want. Challenge your friends or fight for a place in the ranking.
3. Tactical thinking is rewarded.
It would be a dream for many to gather a FIFA team with Messi, Mbappé, Ronaldo and other great names of his team. But from now on, tactical thinking is rewarded more with the new Team Spirit function.

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