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CS: GO - What Are Operations?


Operations have been part of the CS: GO gameplay since 2013. These are events or DLCs that are available to play for just a few months. Operations have premium content so players will have to pay to experience all the features. However, a part of the content is offered for free. It costs $5.99 to unlock an Operation. Each year comes with its very own, unique Operations so these events aren't just activities. They offer a one of a kind chance to take part in a special event. Special content like maps is available while an Operation is active. Players can also earn various coins. The first one is a bronze coin and it's simply obtained when players unlock access to an Operation using the pass. It's worth noting that the bronze coin for an Operation can still be obtained after the Operation has ended if players still possess a pass. These passes are bought on Steam but also on the Steam market. Each Operation has objectives that allow players to upgrade their bronze coin. There are two or three upgrade stages. The one that comes after bronze is silver, the second one is gold, and the third and final one is diamond. A bronze coin cannot be upgraded once the Operation has ended. Coins represent players' level of participation and commitment during an Operation. 
The first Operation was available in April 2013. It was initially planned to run for three months but one more month was added because it quickly became a favorite activity among players. This was Operation Payback. The next Operation, Bravo, was also extended. In 2014, three Operations were available. They ran for about four months each. The last available Operation was Hydra. It ran from May 2017 until November 2017. With a duration of six months, it was the longest running CS: GO Operation. It was also the first one to offer the diamond coin. News on the next Operation is unknown at this point. 
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