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Collect a 99 OVR FIFA Mobile Player With the Global Tour Program


FIFA Mobile players have a new way to stay up to date with football news and to get items in their favorite game. The Global Tour Program is an in game event that lasts for two weeks. During this time, users will be able to take part in new content and to obtain items. The newly introduced game items are based on players that take part in seven real matches played over these two weeks. Some of the biggest clubs in the world are participating in these games. FIFA Mobile will feature new live events, tokens, packs, and plans. The rewards are seven new program themed players. 
The first available live event is called Fill Up. When players finish this event they will be rewarded with special program tokens called mobile mile. Completing Fill Up events is not the only way to get these tokens. The store has program packs that contain them as well. Mobile Miles are used in the new plans called Match Day. As there are seven featured matches, there will be seven of these plans. To unlock the other live event, players will need to first complete a Match Day plan. This is the way to get access to Pre-Match Day live events. The live event changes into Match Day event on the same day the real match is played. The first time players complete the new event they are rewarded with another type of token called global tour jet. As players repeat these events, they get more tokens such as souvenirs, mobile miles, tourist players, and jets. Each city where a game is played will have a plan called Tourist Player. To complete the plan, players need mobile miles and souvenirs. There are four player items cards that can be obtained from these plans. Together with jet tokens, these players are used to fill master player plans. The reward for completing such a plan includes elite souvenirs. These tokens are then used to obtain the special program player that has 99 OVR. 
If you don't want to join this Global Tour Program, you can use cheap FIFA Mobile coins to buy the players you want in transfer market. 

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