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FIFA Mobile – How to Play New Season Beta


FIFA Mobile is changing once again with the start of a new season. The new FIFA Mobile season is planned to begin on the 7th of November. The biggest update comes from the new engine. This will allow more complex gameplay and features. Players will also be happy to know that the game will be more visually appealing thanks to the new engine. The good news is that players can already try out the new season features by taking part in the beta. This is the first time when FIFA Mobile is allowing users to experience the game before the final version is completed. Those who are excited about the new season and can hardly wait for it are invited to head out to Google Play and dive into FIFA Mobile beta.
The beta session ends one week before the season begins. Players can start testing the new features October 11. Only a limited number of players will be allowed to test the new season. It's possible that this limit will be increased and there is still plenty of time before the season begins. News concerning the beta will be published on Twitter so all FIFA Mobile enthusiasts should follow it. 
Those who take part in the beta should keep in mind that the new season is still work in progress. Not all the new features are available in beta and there are also bugs. The game modes that are available in beta are ultimate team, live events, and 90 second matches. Players come up with various squad setups in ultimate team mode. The live events give them the chance to acquire elite players that can be used for ultimate team and player might need some FIFA Mobile coins buy for team bulding. VS Attack, the competitive FIFA Mobile mode, allows players to take part in 90 second matches. Progress and acquired items in beta are not transferred to live when the season begins. Players are encouraged to share their thoughts about the new season so that developers can improve the game. 

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