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FIFA Mobile – Star Travel Pre-Season Event 2018


FIFA Mobile is getting ready for a new season that will begin in November 2018. The preparations for the new season have already begun with the Pre-Season program. This year, the event is called Star Travel and it's space themed. Just like in the previous pre-season programs, players have the unique chance to get some items that can be used after the new season begins. Each item that is marked “now and later” can be used in the next season. This applies both to player item cards and packs. 
Players get ready to explore the universe and to gather great rewards in the Star Travel event. The first objective is to gather fuel that will allow them to move further. The most common ways of getting fuel are live events. Players will notice that skill activities such as meteor shower and blast door targets give fuel as a reward. The next step in the Pre-Season program is the Star Travel Chapter. This is where fuel is used. Players will spend fuel to unlock rewards. Each unlocked location gives a reward so it's worth getting them all. Rewards include FIFA Mobile coins, upgrades, and items that are part of the event. It's also possible to get items that are used to acquire more fuel. Cosmic Players are rare rewards. These are player item cards that have very good OVR. The event is refreshed once every eight hours. 
The Star Forge is a program feature that gives players the chance to make their own player cards. The resources needed are acquired from event activities. Pre-Season points are part of the unlocked rewards. These points are spent on now and later items. Super Star players are among the best rewards, buy FIFA Mobile coins and join event as soon as possible. They can be used right away and, once the new season begins, they transform into elite players. Star Travel event is initiated from the Events panel. There is another event called Pre-Season that doesn't offer any activities, only rewards. When players get enough tokes, the rewards are unlocked. Both events last until October 7. 

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