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FIFA Mobile – Take Part In End of Era Event


FIFA Mobile players are busier than ever thanks to the latest events. Team of the Year event just ended but a new one began. The new program is called End of Era and it's named that way because it honors football stars who retired. This event gives players the opportunity to celebrate some of the best known names in football and also to get rewards. New player cards have been added to the game. They all represent famous football players so users will be more than familiar with their names and with some of their accomplishments as well. One of the players that are representative for this collection is none other than Kaka. The 35 years midfielder started playing football when he was 12 years old. In 2001, at 18 years old he became a professional player. He retired in 2017. 
End of Era comes with a new event to complete. As players are probably used to by now, Cristiano Ronaldo guides them throughout the event. They find out they will get End of Era points from two activities: VS Attack games and league versus league tournaments. The player's division dictates the number of matches they can play. Access to three more matches is granted to those who are ranked in higher divisions. The matches will be played from the Events screen. As usual, stamina is spent when players engage in a match. As players accumulate points, they will increase their End of Era level. Based on this level, rewards are obtained. The rewards include training XP, FIFA Mobile coins, skill boosts, program players, logo, kits, and other items. Players that wish to get more event related rewards should know that they can buy premium items from the store. The items will help them boost the received rewards. The End of Era store category contains three types of packs. The first one contains points, the second one contains a player, and the third one a program token and more points. Players can also get a pack that allows them to gain one End of Era level. 

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