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FIFA Mobile – What Are Skill Boosts


FIFA Mobile introduced in Season 2 a feature called skill boosts. This is a system to buff players. Skill boosts are actually cards that represent boosts to five attributes. There are different types of skill boosts. A skill boost can affect multiple players. The skill boosts are listed in a separate tab in My Team menu. The first tab is Starting 11, the players that are currently assigned to the team. The second tab is the Reserves and the last tab represents the Skill Boosts. 
Players can tap on a skill boost to find out more about it. Each skill boost has a unique name. When opening the details screen for a skill boost, the buffed attributes are displayed at the top. The affected players are also displayed. Skill boosts can be leveled to upgrade their effects. To upgrade a skill boost, players need to collect it multiple types. There are 20 upgrade levels and each one costs more than the last one. There is also a coin fee for upgrading skill boosts. The rewards for an upgraded skill boost can be seen before the skill boost is upgraded. Upgrading skill boosts is worth it because of the OVR increase. A skill boost will not affect only attributes but also OVR. When a skill boost is upgraded, the affected players' OVR is also boosted. Although skill boosts affect more players, it's necessary for the player to be on position to benefit from the skill boost. Upgrading skill boosts gives an XP reward so this is a great way to diversify the leveling up methods. 
A skill boost that was upgraded to max level 20 is eligible for ranking up. Max level skill boosts will affect team OVR so they are extremely valuable. Skill boosts are collected as rewards from all sorts of game activities. The store offers packs that contain skill boosts. The Skill Boost Packs costs 20,000  FIFA coins or 100 FIFA points. It contains two unique random skill boosts. The Jumbo Skill Boost Pack costs 2,000 FIFA points and includes 90 skill boosts. The Mega Skill Boost Pack costs 10,000 FIFA points and comes with 500 skill boosts. 

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