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FIFA Mobile – World Cup Campaign


FIFA Mobile players are given the opportunity to follow the World Cup championship closely thanks to the new game mode World Cup Campaign. This mode requires that players choose one of the teams that are taking part in the real World Cup. If players wish to play with a team that is not qualified then they will play another mode called Road to FIFA World Cup. Both of them have awesome rewards so it's a good idea to check them out. There is one requirement to be able to play the World Cup Campaign. Players must have an entire in game squad that is one of the teams that are participating in the championship. 
The campaign has a similar structure with the real competition. There are group stages and elimination games. The group stage consists of three challenges. There will be games just like in the real World Cup. The qualification rule for the group stages is two out of three. This means that players will take part in three games. They have to win two of them. There are also knockout rounds with four single elimination games. Players will be able to see the opponent they are playing against at the moment. The entire championship has five tiers. These tiers are determined based on OVR. The first tier is OVR 70. The second tier is OVR 75. The next tier begins at OVR 85. Players need 90 or better OVR for the fourth tier. The fifth and last tier is OVR 100. So players need a team with at least 70 OVR. As one can guess, the games are more challenging in higher tiers but the rewards are also better. Players should know that they can select a different lineup and switch nations. This will not reset the progress they've achieved in one tier. The reason behind this is to allow players to participate with different teams and obtain more rewards. FIFA Mobile Coins, tokens, special players, and other FIFA World Cup themed items are on the rewards list. 

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