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FIFA Mobile is Getting a Reset in November 2017


FIFA Mobile will undergo a reset in November 2017. This is a common event for all EA's sports themed apps but it's the first time is happening in FIFA Mobile and some players are a bit concerned. A reset means that players will lose most of their progress and, although it sounds like something terrible, this is a necessary evil to make the game challenging and interesting once again. The reset involves two components: the pre-reset and the after reset. The pre-reset is also called the pre-season and the after reset is the new season as the reset will mark the beginning of a new FIFA Mobile chapter. 
During the pre-reset period, players have access to a new event called the Pre-Season program that will allow them to earn items to use in the new season. All live events, plans, and packs that are marked with a special icon “now & later”, will give players a new token. Players should take full advantage of the new program to improve their teams with some new players. This is still relevant as players will be getting rewards for the new season based on their team's OVR when the game is reset. The program brings some 100 OVR player cards that will surely make a difference when assigned to a team. These new players are acquired by completing plans and live events. U7buy will offer cheap FIFA Mobile coins for you to get these players.   
After the reset, players will basically start the game from scratch. All of their cards, achievements, and progress is wiped out. Veteran players will be given rewards to compensate for their dedication in the season that ended. These rewards will be useful in the beginning of the new season so past progress is still relevant. All veteran players will have a legacy profile that will attest their past accomplishments. Players will get to keep their FIFA Mobile Points but not their coins. Leagues and logos are not reset. Five select player cards will make it through the reset but in a modified form. 

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