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How to Obtain Rewards in FIFA Mobile


Daily live events offer a quick and easy way to obtain rewards. These challenges come with different difficulty levels. As it's only normal, rewards scale based on difficulty setting. Players that don't have too much time are advised to do a quick warm up challenge. Besides coins, XP is also received from completing FIFA Mobile live events.

XP allows players to level up and to earn coins. The amount of gained XP depends on the time players dedicate to the game. Leveling up rewards are of great help to new players. Newbies are advised to complete activities that reward the most XP at the beginning of their FIFA Mobile career to unlock Season mode as soon as possible.

Season mode becomes available at level eight. This is a single player mode where players advance at their own pace, however, this pace should be quite hasty to obtain fast rewards. Players take charge of a team and play football matches. Wins as well as draws score rewards. Accomplishments in season mode count for achievements like winning matches with no foul and such. These milestones are not just for showing off, they also reward FIFA Mobile coins. Earned coins will be used to get better players to improve the team to be able to take part in challenging activities like attack mode.

Winning matches against other players in attack mode is one of the best ways of getting coins but players require a pretty good team to have a real winning chance. This mode is the equivalent of end game. Rewards are the best but they won't come easily. Attack mode is preferred by veteran FIFA Mobile players who've already invested some coins in a quality team setup. Players are paired according to their skills. Most coins are acquired when winning matches in a higher division although new players shouldn't be discouraged. FIFA Mobile is a progression game where players start from the bottom and there's no shortcut to the top.

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