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Introducing the Chemistry Feature of FIFA Mobile


The new FIFA Mobile season comes with a new feature called chemistry. This will affect how players work as a team. We've all seen situations in real football games where some players work great together not because of their skill and talent but also because they understand their play styles. This element will be coming to FIFA Mobile in the form of player chemistry. The feature is available for Ultimate Team in the main FIFA game and now it's coming to mobile as well. 
After the update, players will notice some changes in the Starting 11 interface. Players that have chemistry will have a line that connects them. It's important to mention that chemistry will only apply to football players that have at least elite quality. If two players are connected by a green line this means that they have good chemistry and putting them together in a team will boost the overall team performance. A gray line means no chemistry. Players can use the chemistry view option to learn more about the chemistry of their team. This will find out each player's chemistry and how the interaction with another player helps the team. Each player will have some numbers shown on the right side. This is the chemistry towards other players. The numbers on the left signify the chemistry a player gets from others. Another visual element helps players understand chemistry. Right next to the team's OVR, players will see a number that represents the total chemistry of the team. 
Chemistry helps players win matches in VS Attack mode. They will have more and better opportunities to win games. Other modes benefit from this feature as well. Chemistry will impact a team's OVR. Chemistry will be present in all FIFA Mobile modes. This is a feature that enables players to consider other aspects besides OVR when choosing players for their teams. The new season is right around the corner and players are already start buying FIFA Mobole coins and preparing for it by taking part in the Pre-Season event. 

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