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What's New in the Latest FIFA Mobile Patch


Update 5 for FIFA Mobile added, modified and implemented various systems but the first change players will notice is the new app cover. Eden Hazard from Chelsea FC is the new front cover for the app. A new program themed around him was added to the game as well. A convenient auto login feature was added so players don't have to make an account selection each time they start the game. When starting seasons mode after the update, players will now see recommended team ratings. The AI will work better during games after the update. There were times when fouls were not called and that was fixed. Players shouldn't experience any more situations in which the AI passes the ball to nobody. Team mates will not block shots anymore by running in front of it. Swipe controls are smoother and have a better response. 
Daily activities are a new content addition. These are somewhat similar to live events. Each day will come with a task list. Players that manage to complete all their tasks or activities obtain bonus rewards. Update 5 comes with many improvements regarding gameplay and AI. Attributes weight heavier now as players with better stats will perform better during matches. Attack mode underwent some changes too. The algorithm that decided which player has first control of the ball in Attack mode now reflects the chosen formation and tactic more accurately. The quality gap between normal and high possession was widened. Players can check out possession quality when playing against others in Attack mode thanks to a newly added visual indicator. Various updates that will offer a better experience during matches were made. For example, counter attacks will not activate during stoppage anymore. Another update makes chips shots more reacting. There's no more camera pan before the penalty kick. Players should make sure to update their FIFA Mobile app. Depending on user's settings not all apps are automatically updated. It can be easily checked if the device is running the last implementation by visiting the installed apps section on iTunes app store or Android's play store. 
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