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What you Need to Know about FIFA Mobile


FIFA Mobile invites players to discover a new way to enjoy one of their favorite football games of all times. The app is created by EA Sports and features popular game modes from the base game. Players are given the opportunity to become managers of a football team. Multiplayer events pit players' team against each other in matches with great rewards. Daily challenges give compelling reasons to log into FIFA Mobile every day. The best part about the app, besides being free to play, is that it is extremely beginner friendly and hides enough attractive features to turn new players into veterans.

Ultimate Team mode is a core feature. Since it was introduced in FIFA base game it gained nothing but good reviews. FIFA Mobile provides players with a way to enjoy FUT for free. The main appeal of this mode is that any football player can be added to a team. Players will create a favorite team and customize it as they see fit. Getting better players is one way of improving the team. Decisions regarding team tactics can be made before matches. This mode requires constant change from players that want to become the best managers.

FIFA Mobile features lots of content. There are at least 30 leagues. The team selection includes 650 choices designed after real football teams. The players roster features no less than 17000 footballers from the past and present. Game modes like attack to win, live events and leagues give players multiple ways of experiencing their favorite sport. In attack to win mode, users play from an attacking position. They guide their team towards victory. Live events is a dynamic FIFA Mobile feature. Players get the chance to take part in real football events. There are different daily live events that don't take too long to complete. This is a great method for players to obtain card packs and items with a minimum time investment. Leagues allow players to team up and compete against each other. There are also ranked league versus league events with great prizes. FIFA Mobile is available for free for most mobile systems including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The app has around 100 MB and runs well even on older OS versions.

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