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Fortnite Is About to Hit Android!


His success no longer takes us by surprise and is far from having peaked. The limits of Fortnite: Battle Royale we do not know, nor its reach at the level of viewers in streamings. The only thing we know is that every week we have new challenges, that its Season 5 is being a veritable gale this summer and that, after so many months of waiting and launch in iOS, users of smartphones with Android operating system will also be able to put the glove on Title.
Epic Games has been offering its title in a staggered way. The history of reinvention of the work, as we tell you in this report, the title went from chopping stone to diamond chop, knowing how to take the best of its rivals to create a style that has penetrated deep into neophytes in this electronic leisure as in those who once said that they would never give him an opportunity because "it is not for them".
The master minds of Tencent, Epic's top shareholder, have been successful in one thing, and that is the availability in absolutely all of the current gaming platforms of this generation. Only Android is missing, but soon we will talk about this in the past.
Today we want to collect in this article all we know about the arrival of Fortnite to the most used operating system in the whole planet, something that will suppose a more than sensible increase in the number of concurrent users to be a work of free to play court: downloads, you play and, if you want, you pay for elements that will never affect the gameplay.
What version of Android will I need to play it?
Once that period was over, it would be launched in the rest of the world for all Android terminals with operating system 8.0 Oreo and above. It is taken for granted, in turn, that when the public version of Android P is released there is no problem to play Fortnite with buying Fortnite items to save the world. We do not know if it will be applied in Android 7.X Nougat, but seeing the high percentage of Smartphones that still use this version released in 2016, they may be planning to enable the title in this firmware at least for a while.

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