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Guide to Overcoming the Challenges of Week Eight of Fortnite


Epic Games has activated a few hours ago the challenges of the eighth week of the sixth season of Fortnite and in this article we bring you in addition to the complete list of challenges a little help so you can overcome them more quickly and easily. As every week we will have three challenges available for all players and four more that will only be available for those who have bought the battle pass.
Phase 1: Visit Soto Solitario and Ciudad Comercio in the same game, Phase 2: Visit Chringuito Chatarra and Parque Placentero in the same game, Phase 3: Visit Industrias Inodoras and Latifundio Lethal in the same game, Phase 4: Visit Lomas Lúgubres and Society Sibarita in the same game and Phase 5: Visit tortuous Tunnels and Tomato Temple in the same game.
Dance with a fishing trophy in different named locations (7)
Eliminations with heavy assault rifles or six-round revolvers (2)
Get a score of 3 or more in different clay shooting galleries (3)
Earn points for tricks with one vehicle (250,000)
Visit different named locations in the same game (4)
Phase 1: Use the hook, Phase 2: Use a shuttle, Phase 3: Use a crack
Epic Games has included a series of challenges with different phases that will take us a while to complete them, but if you wish, we can add the exact location of all the fishing trophies, in addition to the shooting galleries in which we have to get a score of three or more in one image.
We wish you good luck completing all the challenges of this new week of Fortnite and we invite you to buy Fortnite Items from us and leave us in the comments any questions you may have.

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