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The Possible Map of Fortnite in Season 5: A Desert!


Few titles in the history of video games have been able to generate as much hype when it comes to announcing their news as Fortnite Battle Royale. Today concludes Season 4 of the game and the whole community remains in constant connection with social networks to be the first to know the news that will include the new season that will start tomorrow.
There are many theories that circulate around the new theme. And although the interdimensional trips are practically confirmed, a new leak has left everyone speechless. It is the map of Fortnite almost entirely deserted.
Fortnite turned into a giant desert
The person in charge of publishing this discovery was 'Die Buddies', a German youtuber very popular in the community of Fortnite Battle Royale due to his inquiries about the game through his investigations in the hidden files within the code.
The creator of content uploaded to his YouTube channel a real game in which he appeared playing in what could be the future map of Fortnite starting tomorrow.
There are then many questions that players ask themselves in relation to this possible scenario. Will it be deserted in its entirety? Will only some areas be affected by this phenomenon? How will it affect the gameplay? And most importantly: is it real or is it fake?
The tracks of Epic Games on the new theme
The developer of the game that everyone talks about has shown an innate talent when it comes to generating viral content. His last work has been placing several llamas (one of the elements that most loot distributed in the games of Fortnite) in different parts of the world such as London, Warsaw, Barcelona, Cologne or Cannes. For more information about Fortnite and cheap Fortnite items, visit u7buy please. 

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