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What features of FIFA 17 do we expect in FIFA 18


However, today we will talk about another aspect that we found incredible and incomparable ... its gameplay.

FIFA 17 gameplay: the best to date?

When FIFA 17 arrived in stores, it left more than one with split options, as there were those who enjoyed the changes that EA implemented and there were those who strongly opposed the change. Why? Because EA modified everything we knew about FIFA in FIFA 17. It changed the way our player stopped, how he moved and how he made even the slightest movement. Let's remember a little.

The free throws

FIFA 17 gave us the option to decide where we wanted our shot to be. We could choose the trajectory of the ball, how much power we wanted to shoot and in what specific part of the ball we wanted to concentrate all the power.

Corner shots

EA implemented more realism inside the field of play, so, corner kicks felt like in real life (something that did not like many). The corner kicks gave us the opportunity to choose how we wanted to hit the ball and where we wanted it to fall.

Player body
If you have ever played soccer in real life, you know that it is important to cover the ball with every part of the body and in FIFA 17 this was possible, since it was possible to feel how the player had a solid body that allowed us to catch the ball and protect it at all costs.
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