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Q:How to distinguish FIFA 17 PS4 Version?

A:Some FIFA 17 players don’t know which PS4 Version they’re playing on; and don’t know which product to buy, FIFA 17 PS4 NA-Version or FIFA 17 PS4 EU-Version? Here we will show you how to distinguish the version. 

1.Find your FIFA 17 PS4 CD box first, and check the information below the back of the box. Here is a screenshot for you: 

2.For download version, please login the PSN website(http://www.account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com )with your PSN account and then follow the steps: Account—Account Details—Country/Region
You could know your version by checking the Country/Region. Here is a screenshot for you: 

Now, you should know which version to choose when you buy FIFA 17 Points. Be free contact with us if you got more questions. 

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