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Far Cry Primal - Digital Apex Edition

Far Cry Primal - Digital Apex Edition

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Products Description

The download of the game Far Cry Primal by Ubisoft is easily available via Uplay.
Welcome to the Stone Age, when Man was definitely not at the top of the food chain. Danger lurks around every corner, night and day.
Bonus contents of the Digital Apex Edition
Legend of the Mammoth (3 extra missions): Drink from the shaman s cup to play as the largest animal in Oros, the almighty mammoth. Feel your power as you stomp your enemies and defend your herd from other beasts and humans Bonus weapon Blood Shasti Club: A bloodstained club of bone and teeth once wielded by Ull, the vicious leader of the Udam. This weapon is unbreakable and cannot be consumed by flame 4 enhancement packs that offer early access to rare resources and unique customization options (Sabretooth Pack, Owl Pack, Mammoth Pack and Bomb Pack)

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