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Article and FAQ of "Blade and Soul"

News 2016-10-17 13:47

Do you play the balde and soul? There has the pumpkin carving contest coming when you play blade and soul,read more here.


Guide 2011-01-21

if you love Aion or Lineage, then Blade &Soul will also be your favor. Here are the main Blade and Soul features for players who want to do Blade and Soul Power Leveling.


Guide 2011-01-23

Blade and Soul, as a a 3D real-time strategy massively MMORPG game developed by NCsoft, have been received high expectations from Blade and soul power leveling companies and players. Because of the great success NCsoft achieved on aion, players are actively interested in BAS and already itch to try. Today,I will give beginners a brief introdcution of this game.

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