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Guild Wars 2 Engineer – Basic Guide


Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG with unique classes and the Engineer is one of them. Players who choose this role should be prepared for a mix of support and damage dealing combat style. An Engineer's power doesn't rely on his or her raw combat talent but rather on own inventions and knowing when to use them. Their arsenal includes a large variety of custom gadgets. Engineers have a natural affinity for fiddling with explosives, mines and grenades. They are not only damage dealers but also team supporters. An Engineer carries a variety of contraptions designed for team support. 
Kits are part of an Engineer's arsenal. There are three types of Guild Wars 2 engineering kits. Turrets perform two roles: deal damage to enemies and restore allies' HP. Backpack kits contain everything from explosives to HP restoring GW2 items. Bombs and mines can be used with backpack kits as well. Weapons kits are for damage dealing. Engineers are able to use unique weapons like flamethrowers. They can also equip special elixir guns. Rocket boots help Engineers get out of tricky situations. These boots send the Engineer up in the air removing immobilizing effects while also dealing some damage to ground enemies. Elixir X is a special concoction that enables players to gain massive powers for a certain period of time. Gyro is a skill that allows the use of drones for support and offense. 
Guild Wars 2 players who choose to become Engineers will look for medium armor as this is the type that provides most benefits. When it comes to weaponry, pistols can be used both as main hand and off hand. Shields are the other off hand alternative. Two handed hammers and rifles can be equipped as well. When fighting underwater, the Engineer uses a harpoon gun. This is one of the best Guild Wars 2 classes but it's not easy to master. Because of all those gadgets and special items, Engineers have lots of abilities during combat and this may be confusing for new players. A certain understanding of the game, some practice and cheap GW2 gold are needed to play an Engineer at its full capacity. 

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