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Mastering the Mesmer in Guild Wars 2


The Mesmer is one of the classes the dominate the battlefield in both PvE and PvP. It's a class with a complex play style and with a pretty steep learning curve. Mesmers are ranged damage dealers who use illusions, different weapons and unique spells. Mesmers replicate themselves in two different ways. Clones are basic illusions. Phantasms are empowered clones with unique abilities. Clones and phantasms are sacrificed to cast four types of Shatter spells that have offensive, confusing, dazing and distortion gaining effects. Guild Wars 2 Mesmers also have mantras and glamour spells. Mantras can be used any time in battle but they must be powered up when not in combat. Glamour spells allow the Mesmer to teleport or to become invisible. Mesmers use light armor. When it comes to weapons, Mesmer can wield dual handed weapons or equip a weapon in each hand. Greatswords and staves are two handed weapons. Main hand weapons include scepters and swords. Mesmers can choose between torch, sword, pistol, focus and shield for off hand.
Mesmer's rely on their Illusions and tricks to confuse and defeat their enemies. Mastering Illusions is a central part of Mesmer fighting mechanic. Players should always start the fight by summoning Illusions. It's generally best to delay shattering for as long as possible. It's the Illusions job to engage in combat while the Mesmer deals other spells. Mesmers can avoid direct combat by teleporting or creating decoys. A skilled Mesmer can finish combat without a single scratch from the enemy. A Mesmer will not survive for too long without Illusions so it's a good idea to always have at least one Illusion up. Chronomancer is the elite specialization for Mesmer. A new ability called Continuum Split enables players to cancel received damage and to make use of powerful abilities more often. Chronomancers use Wells to help team members and to crowd control enemies. Alacrity reduces cooldown timers. Mesmers are one of the best Guild Wars 2 classes but it takes time to learn how to play it efficiently. Alos, better GW2 Items will not only help  you get GW2 Gold cheap but only help you a lot playing dfficiently. 

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