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A Guide to Guild Wars 2 Dungeons


Guild Wars 2 dungeons list feature nine different instanced zone. It takes a group of five players to complete a dungeon, however, it's possible to clear it with fewer members. Before tackling a dungeon with a smaller group, players should keep in mind that difficulty does not scale according to team size. Dungeons are unlocked at level 30. Guild Wars 2 players receive a notification as soon as they are ready for a new dungeon. First run in a new dungeon will always be on story mode. A more challenging mode called exploration is unlocked after completing the dungeon on story mode at least once.

Story mode is rather simple and focuses on story telling rather than boss fighting. Players will be accompanied by NPCs. Their role is to guide adventurers on their first playthrough and reveal the story. These NPCs are Destiny's Edge members. Players will find out more about this legendary guild as they complete the dungeon on story mode. Personal character development and story mode dungeons don't intersect. The dungeon story takes place in the same timeline but has no impact on personal story progress. An equipment piece and 50 silver are obtained for the first time completion of a dungeon in story mode.

Guild Wars 2 dungeons in exploration mode are more challenging. There will be less story telling during exploration mode and Destiny's Edge NPCs are not present anymore. When a group of players starts an exploration mode dungeon they will have to decide which one of the three paths to take. Players will take part in boss fights and in random events depending on the chosen dungeon path. Completing a dungeon in exploration mode is more difficult but also more rewarding. Besides gold and silver, players also get dungeon specific currency. These tokens are exchanged in Lion's Arch for equipment, runes and various items. Cosmetic gear sets customized in a dungeon's style are also available.

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