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Guild Wars 2 Halloween Update


ArenaNet has recently released Guild Wars 2 Halloween update, a content update that was announced few weeks ago. The content from the Halloween Update is available upon logging in to the game. It brings cool new events to the game as well as some old content like Candy Corn Gobbler from 2014 Halloween update.

What content does Guild Wars 2 Halloween Update Bring?
Guild Wars 2 Halloween update 2016 brings players plenty of content for the upcoming weeks to play around. It brings Guild Wars 2 players a lot of Halloween themed events.
Mad King’s Labyrinth, a Halloween themed area where you fight the undead armies controlled in the Mad King’s Realm.
Mad King’s Clock Tower returns this year, vastly improved to challenge players in the most maddening jumping puzzle in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Halloween update also brings the players Ascent to Madness, a Halloween themed dungeon where you fight the Mad King Thorn himself in an unusual encounter filled with jokes and pranks. The Halloween update also brings a cool level 80 event that occurs every 2 hours in Grand Piazza, where you are required to do certain objectives before the bar runs out.

What’s New in 2016 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Update
Besides all the events that are re-introduced annually in Guild Wars 2 Halloween updates, there are some new things for this year’s Halloween update. Guild Wars 2 Halloween update 2016 brings players new cool items like Endless Ignited Wraith Tonic that will turn you into an Ignited Wraith for a short period of time, or some cool weapon skins like Onus.  Of course, GW 2 gold play an important role to help you buy the best items. It also brings some new guild hall decorations as well as new miniatures, gem store items and achievements.

Most of the items in the Halloween update are obtained through Trick-or-Treat Bags that randomly drop from killing Halloween creatures or doing any of the Halloween events.

If you haven’t already tried out the Guild Wars 2 Halloween update log in the game and try it out, ArenaNet did a really good job to theme this Halloween in Guild Wars 2. It will last for 2 weeks only, so hurry up!

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