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Introduction to Guild Wars 2 Raiding System


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion introduced a new type of PvE activity, raids. Many players felt that end game caters mostly to PvP fans so developers chose to add this challenging PvE activity to test players skills and cooperation. At the moment, there are two raids available: Forsaken Thicket and Bastion of the Penitent. The first raid has three wings and 11 bosses while the second raid has one zone with four bosses. Players need to first find a team to enter a raid. Guild Wars 2 raid teams are often called squads.
Players will discover that each boss encounter is a different challenge. All squad members have to be aware of their location during the fight and ready to avoid damage or to work together to achieve various objectives that are part of the fight mechanics. Raiding is hard but it's not impossible. Players have enough time to react to boss actions but they will also have to be prepared to make quick decisions regarding their own abilities and spells. Squad composition allows each class to bring something valuable to the fight but it all depends on how players decide to customize their characters. Guild Wars 2 has a very flexible character customization system and offers GW2 Items changing so players can immediately swap their combat style to perform a needed role. Some builds are more viable than others when it comes to raiding. Those who are interested in raiding should do research and find out how to efficiently play their class in a raid environment. 
Guild Wars 2 raids introduce a new advancement system called Mastery. This new feature includes raid related abilities and legendary rewards. Gear and equipment rewards are valuable but players should know that raids cannot be outgeared or outleveled. A boss encounter will still be challenging no matter what type of armor and weapons players are equipping. Guild Wars 2 raids have a weekly reset. GW2 gold which could be delivered via these items will help you a lot with gameplaying. 


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