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GW2 Gold

Region :
Server :

10000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 572.50

8000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 458.00

6000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 343.50

5000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 286.25

4000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 229.00

3000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 171.75

2500 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 143.12

2000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 112.21 USD $ 114.50

1500 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 85.88

1000 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 57.25

800 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 45.80

600 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 34.35

500 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 28.62

300 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 17.18

200 GW2 Gold NA

USD $ 11.45


Safe GW2 Gold

The GW2 Gold u7buy selling is the main in-game currency in Guild Wars 2. Every player needs gold to buy items, weapon, skin and so on. Safe Guild Wars 2 Gold could help players level up their character faster, get weapons easily and save more time enjoy this game. 

U7buy offer cheap guild wars 2 gold both for NA and EU region. Cheap price is available for all servers like Abaddon's Mouth [DE], Fort Ranik [FR], Baruch Bay [ES], Ehmry Bay, etc. You could order Gold of GW2 safely no matter which server you are in. 

Well, trading gold directly in GW2 is not safe recently. So we mail certain amount of items to your in-game box instead of gold which is safer. You could sell out the items you received to change them into gw2 gold. The thing is there is 15% which you need to pay when selling GW2 Items. Please contact with u7buy after you order GW2 Gold, so our professional carriers will arrange delivery for you. It would take you more time and money than before, but you could get GW2 gold safer

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