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GW2 1-19 PvP Level + 50500 Glory

USD $ 237.14

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								1. Your GW2 character will be PvP leveled completely from 1-19.
2. 50500 Glory
3. High value armor for your character
Estimate Time:12Days

GW2 Power Leveling Introduction

GW2 Power Leveling we are offering is order to help you level up your character quickly, or do game quest, profession and skills. All kinds of power leveling service are available for NA and EU region.

There are many types of Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling: Leveling Package, Dungeon Token, Legendary Weapons, Profession and Skill. You could find the GW2 PL you need. If there are some special gw2 power leveling services you need and could not find it on our site, please contact with u7buy live help and email. We could check with our levelers if we could do that for you; and then make a new special Power Leveling of GW2 package for you.

We usually start your GW2 order fast and send a started screenshot to your email. We need to login your account and use different IP address, because of which our levelers would need a code before login. Please contact with us when your order did not start in time, we might need your help. It’s same for GW2 Gold buying. Our levelers are professional and will do guild wars 2 power leveling services without any bot. It is very safe for you to buy Power Leveling for GW2 from u7buy.com.

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