1.  Controversial Items: Avoid listing items that may be controversial, such as those promoting illegal activities or promoting hate speech.

2.  Seller must create listings in the correct category.

Example: TOP UP products can only be listed in the top up category, not in item, boosting or other ones.

3.  Intellectual Property Rights: Respect intellectual property rights by not posting items containing unauthorized use of images, names, or logos.

4.  Listing Removal: Understand that U7BUY reserves the right to remove listings or delist accounts for violations of product and listing policies.

5. If you want to sell duplicate accounts, try "Automatic" delivery type and submit different account info inside that offer.

6.  Search Manipulation: Avoid manipulating search results by using irrelevant keywords or misleading tactics to gain unfair visibility.

7.  Game Items Representation: Provide accurate information about in-game items or services, ensuring consistency across all listing details.

8.  Warranties: Be aware of the warranties provided by GamerProtect for buyers and sellers, and ensure compliance with the terms of service to be covered.

9.  Foreign Links: Refrain from using store names or listing images that contain web addresses or external links, as this violates platform policies.