If you bought coins with wrong platform, please check the following instructions and switch to the right one

1. Find the order in your U7BUY member account, click Get Coins

2. In the page where you should submit your account information, find the button that triggers switching platform and click

3. Choose the platform you prefer, check the amount of coins and then click on it. Besides, the amount of coins you receive is calculated based on the current price on U7BUY.

4. There will be a double check popup before you switch the platform succefully. Click [Change]

5. The platform of your order will be changed after you go through the steps above. You can submit your information and wait for delivery now.

Note: You can only change the platform once for an order, and the amount is calculated based on current price.

You can watch the Video to learn about it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ShobusdayY