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The Three Pillars: MUT, Longshot and Franchise


Last week we talked about how important the ranked mode was for Madden NFL 18, but the most important part of Madden NFL 18 is three main game modes: Madden Ultimate Team, Longshot and Franchise. Then we'll tell you a little more about them.
We will start with MUT, the modality in which we will have the possibility to create a real team of dreams obtaining letters of players, both current and legend. Of course, we will have the possibility to play both online and offline, tournaments, face-to-face matches, or challenges that may have special rules. Precisely, these challenges will unlock as we play and we accumulate experience in the mode. But, the most striking extra of this edition, is the inclusion of a cooperative way that allows us to play three friends together. In addition, we will also benefit of Madden 18 coins from rewards for MUT by playing modes like Skills Trainer or Longshot.
Longshot is one of the new developments that have had more impact, it is the story mode included in Madden NFL 18, which would come to be equivalent to The Journey in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18. On this occasion we are introduced to Devin Wade, a young promise of American football that after the death of his father decides to abandon his dream of becoming a professional player. However, after a few years away from football, and accompanied by his good friend Colt Cruise, he decides to take the road again to become a QB for an NFL franchise. At one point they offer to participate in Longshot, a television program that seeks to be a springboard to become a professional player, and there live with other players and legends of this sport as Dan Marino, one of the best quarterbacks in history.

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