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Former Overwatch Producer Will Take Over the Madden NFL Series.


A few weeks ago, Rex Dickson, then creative director of the Madden NFL series, left his position at Electronic Arts. The developer said that his departure will allow the sports franchise to take a new direction in his next installments.
According to a recent report, Carlos Guerrero will occupy the position of Rex Dickson, so he will take charge of the future of the sports franchise. If your name does not ring, you should know that he worked at Blizzard as an Overwatch producer.
Guerrero knows the world of videogames very well
Guerrero also worked on the development of World of Warcraft and several of its expansions. The creative has experience in esports, so he is expected to take advantage of his knowledge in that industry to increase the popularity of Madden NFL.
The creative is part of Electronic Arts since August 2017. For his new position, it is estimated that he will remain with the company for quite some time. He will be responsible for giving that new approach to the series that Dickson commented. At the moment, we do not know what the development team plans for the next delivery.
Dickson was in charge of Madden NFL for 6 years, so Guerrero will no doubt take back some of his ideas for the future. Some reports say that the series could stop having annual releases and work through a subscription service.
Madden NFL 18 coins is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There will be news of the series at the Electronic Arts conference for E3 2018, which will be held on Saturday, June 9.
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