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Is the Super Bowl Also Played on eSports with Madden NFL?


Today one of the most important sporting events is celebrated, which does not miss its appointment year after year. The Super Bowl has become something much bigger than the NFL Finals. The Patriots will once again defend the title they won last year against the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. But what about eSports? Is there something similar in the world of video games?
The Madden NFL saga has been offering fans since 1988 the best American football, becoming one more of the multiple franchises with EA Sports. However, the game does not have the same pull outside of the United States, with FIFA being the big winner in the sports genre. Despite this, this has not prevented Electronic Arts from creating its own competitive circuit.
Although it has remained as a regional competition, last year it was distributed one million dollars in just five tournaments, with the 500,000 dollars of the Madden Championship 2017 the biggest prize, distributed in an integral way among American players.
The future of Madden NFL
Just a few days ago the Madden NFL 18 Club Championship was held, where the GOS player lifted the belt after selling Problem in the final. Now begins a new competition with the Ultimate League, which will run from February 3 to April 30, with $ 500,000 in play. To this we must add the support of the NFL and the teams, which have their own qualifiers for the big events.
The intention of EA Sports is to bring together the two competitions: real and virtual, something very similar to what they are trying to do with FIFA and the North American football league. Giving teams the option to have their own professional players defending colors in eSports can help to grow the league, as it could attract a new audience to the sport. Who knows, maybe in the future, in the middle of the Super Bowl, let's see an exhibition of a Madden NFL game.

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