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Madden NFL 18 Review (Part 2)


Longshot and Frostbite, main news
This year EA Tiburon offers us with a delivery Madden 18 full of innovations ranging from the graphic section to the addition of game modes unpublished in the saga. Without forgetting to implement also small details in the gameplay that still contribute a little more to the experience.
It should be noted that this new graphics engine has already been implemented in other EA titles, such as Satar Wars Battlefront, Battlefield or FIFA, but this is the first time we see Frostbite on a football field and the result is beautiful.
One of the main novelties is the new graphics engine. And is that if last year we saw as FIFA 17 gave the jump to the engine Frostbite, the Madden saga remained a year under the Ignite engine, this year being chosen to make the change. And the truth is that we can say that the leap is significant. Madden 18 looks much more robust with the new engine and it is necessary to emphasize above all the excellent illumination of which it gala.
The atmosphere of the parties is spectacular and the whole set makes the experience very good. Although not everything is good and it is necessary to say that the game undergoes small falls of framerate, not while it develops the game itself, but in the scenes that we see between play and play. It is true that it does not affect the gameplay but the atmosphere that generates the game is so good that it is a shame that these scenes are a little tarnished by this aspect.
Now, it's time to talk a little bit (just a little bit about Longshot), but we'll leave that for the next article. Welcome to visit u7buy for cheap MUT 18 coins and Madden NFL 18 Points. See you next time!

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