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Madden NFL Turns 30


The legend of American football in the world of video games turns 30 years old. Madden NFL saga began its journey back in 1988, and prepares the arrival of its next installment for next August 10, both PS4 and Xbox One: Madden NFL 19.
30 years of American football, 30 years of Madden NFL
The first installment of Madden NFL came in 1988 to the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 systems, as well as Apple II and DOS. At that time, EA Sports encountered a serious problem: it did not have the licenses to use the names of the players and franchises. That's why he had to resort to imitations that the developers themselves created.
The name of the saga, on the other hand, is no coincidence: it refers to John Madden, commentator of NBC Sports and winner of the Super Bowl as coach of the Oakland Raiders, in 1977.
Madden NFL 07 for PlayStation 2 managed to rise as the title that sold more copies in the United States in 2006, obtaining 2.8 million copies sold. The last installment of the saga, Madden NFL 18, also obtained good figures: together with Switch, it was the most sold in the United States during the month of August of 2017, same to the Madden 18 coins sales.
The next entry of the saga will be available on August 10 on PS4 and Xbox One. Users who book the special edition of the game, Hall of Fame Edition, can access it three days before its official release.
How long have they been next to the Madden NFL saga? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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