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The Most Exclusive H1Z1 Items


To celebrate the full PC launch, H1Z1 held a special giveaway with two unique prizes. They are called unique legendary items. Only two of them are available and only two players will manage to acquire them. The items are the midnight and sunset helmet skins. Players must gather entries that will increase their chances of getting the items. Here is how entries are gained. Players get entries when they obtain items from certain crates. Common and uncommon items count as 10 entries. A rare item is the equivalent of 100 entries. Those who are lucky enough to get ultra rare items will score 1,000 entries. It should be noted that only items that are obtained from certain crates count. The items received from trading or bought from the marketplace does not count as entries for the buyer. There is a good news for those who have been active players since early access days. Entries are retroactively counted so all received items throughout a player's career will count as entry. Click here to get more information about this game.
Two giveaways will reward two players with the legendary items. Entries for the midnight helmet skin are obtained only from Mayhem crates. For the second item, the sunset helmet skin, players will need to gain entries from all available H1Z1 crates including Mayhem. So, players will accumulate entries when receiving items from crates. The more entries they get, the bigger the chances to win one of the two helmets. Players are also reminded that these helmets are cosmetic items so they don't give any bonuses or advantages when playing the game. These two items can be traded. As they are, at the moment, the rarest items, the prices are expected to be pretty high. The PC launch came with another surprise. The price was removed so the game is now free to play. A new mode was added to the game as well. Those who bought the game have received prizes as a thank you for supporting the game. 
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