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Why Is Longshot the Best Virtual Season Mode?


This year, EA Sports Madden presents a new way: a solo story. Although short, this addition makes this iteration of the soccer game a necessity for fans and today, we will tell you why you should try Longshot (even if you are not a football fan).
Inspired by the Journey mode in FIFA 17, Longshot is the story of Devin Wade, a former star quarterback at a high school in Mathis, Texas. Longshot is what allows Madden NFL 18 to stand out, since the rest, although well done, is similar to what we are entitled to every year.
Everything starts when you are young
In the middle of his academic career, Devin loses his father and his motivation. His career with the University of Texas Longhorns is coming to an abrupt end, and his dream of playing in the NFL is falling apart.
During a physical test session, the producer of a reality show approaches Devin. He offers the improbable: a participation in the Madden 18 Longshot series, an unexpected window for the next professional draft. The different choices and responses of Devin during the interactions will follow his path theoretically. I say theoretically, because after talking with some of my friends who finished the stage, our results were almost identical.
For four hours, we watched this program in depth, with surprise appearances by legends such as quarterback Dan Marino and receiver-turned-analyst Chad Johnson. In addition, the father of Devin Wade (Cutter) is the actor Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, House of Cards, The Hunger Games).
In a nutshell:
Longshot is a beautiful, beautiful, fun and re-playable experience that offers us the opportunity to live under the skin of an independent player who climbs from rung to rung up the mountain to success.

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