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After A Shootout in Florida, EA Cancels the Entire Madden Tournament 19


Electronic Arts (EA), the sponsor of the videogame competition Madden 19, announced that it would cancel the rest of the tournament as a result of the tragedy on Sunday in which three of its players were killed, including the suspect of the mass shooting.
Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, issued a statement on Tuesday expressing the sadness felt by the publisher of the franchise Madden and the decision he has taken with his partners to suspend the last three qualifying tournaments. Meanwhile, they will review their security protocols to reach a consistent level for future events.
On EA´s CEO words:
"We've all been deeply affected by what happened in Jacksonville," Wilson said. "This is the first time we have faced something like this, and I think it's the first time our community of players has faced a tragedy of this nature."
Two players, Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton, died on August 26 when another player, David Katz, allegedly shot them with a firearm during the Madden 19 qualifier at the GLHF Game Bar inside the Chicago Pizza restaurant at the mall Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville, Florida.
The police have not yet released the reason for the shooting. Some reports say that just before the killing, Katz had been eliminated from the tournament.
What is happening?
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The world is in shock due to this person's way of acting, there is no justification for his acts. 

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