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Madden NFL 19 is not for Everyone? (Part 1)


With the latest version of the successful Madden series, once again the presentation of live aspect is in the foreground. For the first time after eleven years there is again a PC version.
Write your own NFL story
Whether it's a console fan or a PC player, the second chapter of the "Longshot" story mode again manages to fascinate even the main fanatic. In the cinematographic representation you can continue the story of the protagonists Devin Wade and Colt Cruise inside and outside the football field. On the way to the Super Bowl, you will experience the ups and downs of a professional in typical Hollywood style. From injuries to touchdown records, everything is there. The story mode attracts both casual players and professional players.
Disadvantages of a perfect simulation.
The obstacle for casual players is evident in other areas of the game. Unlike FIFA, Madden does not explain himself. Before you can start, you must first study the individual tutorials and movements. Without a good preparation for Madden, the full feeling of the game can be difficult to develop. Offensive, defense and special teams: the game is much more complex than its sports competitors.
However, once you have handled the game properly, you will have fun. Madden NFL 19 is just a real simulation. For NFL Cracks, there are even simulation modes that allow a 60 minute game with all the ups and downs. For this, however, you must first establish an online link. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the latest team alignments or player statistics updates. To make your team better, use cheap Madden 19 coins service offered by u7buy will be your best choice. Safe delivery and instant service are available. 
What´s next? Well, we are going to tell you that in the next article! Stay tuned! 

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