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Madden NFL 19 is not for everyone? (Part 2)


It's time for us to continue where we stayed last time. This time we will talk about the language restrictions and our final verdict.
Diverse game only in English
Whether as a player, coach or owner, in franchise mode you can go through the important positions of a team. Of course you have to do different tasks. While the owner has no relationship to the real game and works in the background in the new agreements and renovations of the stadium, the achievements of players and coaches are measured based on performance in the field.
The Madden Ultimate Team is also the perfect place for NFL enthusiasts to build their own super team. Virtual maps of NFL professionals can be collected or purchased, and then form the ideal team in the correct training. The chemistry of the team and the values of the players are important factors to be able to compete online against the best players in the world.
As every year, Madden NFL does not have a German version. So if you have problems with the English language, you will bite Madden's teeth. The full menu, game comments and explanations are only available in English.
Conclusion: Madden NFL is not for everyone
To be honest: Madden NFL 19 is not very fun if you have not dealt with American popular sports before. For fans of the NFL, the game is a must. The perfect simulation, the realistic exploration system and the ingenious movements in real time: if you are familiar with football, you will get the value of your money here.
It is difficult, however, if you want to dispense with online services. In offline mode, many options, such as a constantly updated league, online fights or even the Madden Ultimate team, are not available. The feeling of the game in franchise mode itself does not bother. When it comes to bringing American football to the home console in an authentic environment, this year there is no way to get around Madden NFL. The last thing, buy Madden 19 coins from u7buy and enjoy the best price, safe delivery now. Next time we will talk more about Madden gameplay. 

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