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NBA 2K17 - Tips for Transitioning Players


Start with 2K U. This option can be found in the Play Now menu. 2K U is a game section that offers many practice modes. It's a great start for all NBA 2K17 beginners whether they're new to the NBA 2K franchise or returning players. NPC Coach K gives detailed info on basketball as a sport. 
Practice mode. Besides 2K U, there are two more ways of honing NBA 2K17 moves. While playing MyCareer mode, players can enter the gym and practice when they are not busy with games. Scrimmage mode is also available. It's a good idea to get used to NBA 2K17 controls before trying a more challenging mode. The manual containing controls can be found online on the official 2K support website. 
Character creation. New players are encouraged to take a bit of time and think before choosing a position. There are no wrong or over powered positions. In the end it's all about choosing a position that best fits players' tastes. Point and shooting guard positions are all about scoring points. Center, power and small forward fit a defensive oriented approach. 
Face scan option. NBA 2K17 players can recreate themselves in game with the face scan option. In order to create a game avatar that resembles the real user, the NBA 2K17 mobile app is used. Users can only scan their face not their whole bodies. The in game store has some additional customization so players can personalize MyPlayer with a variety of options including tattoos. If players are not happy with the face scan customization they can change it at any time from the MyPlayer appearance menu. 
MyCareer mode has been updated. The biggest update is the interaction between MyPlayer and an NPC played by actor Michael B. Jordan. The two will form a duo on and off court. Players can control both of them while playing a match. MyCareer mode is recommended for those who want an NBA 2K17 single player experience. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT is offered at u7buy.com for all NBA 2K fans, same as NBA 2K17 VC Account Xbox One and PS4. 

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