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Improve Your NBA 2K17 Experience with the Companion App


MyNBA 2K17 companion app is a must have for any hardcore NBA 2K17 player. The app is free and has low system requirements so there's practically no reason not to give it a go. Players use the app to extend their game's functionality. This free app has many useful features. It is extremely handy as players can do a number of in game related things without having to be on their computer or console. MyNBA2K17 can be used anywhere as long as there's a WiFi connection or users have a mobile data plan. As it is with all apps, users should be careful when accessing it from a public WiFi. This goes for any app, especially for those that permit in app purchases. MyNBA2K17 provides an easy way to boost income, to personalize MyCareer experience, to obtain collectible items, to access the auction house and to visit the store.
The app has integration with the NBA 2K17 Account that permits various functionalities. Users can give MyPlayer a unique look by using this app. Face scan is an option that allows them to create a digital image of their face and use it for MyPlayer. Current generation consoles and PC players can enjoy this customization option. Probably the most appealing app feature is that players can boost their income by taking part in some activities while they're away from console or computer. All activities are extremely short so players can use the app during a quick break. Pick and Win is a nice mini game that uses game stats pulled from live NBA matches. Another way to stay up to date with news when using MyNBA2K17 is watching 2KTV directly from the phone or tablet. Quick game, seasons mode and blacktop challenges are game modes that can be played withing the app. MyTeam Mobile is a collectible mini game with more than 300 cards. It supports multiplayer. Access to the game's store is also permitted. This is the place to acquire items for MyPlayer. Users can even exchange players with NBA 2K17 MT on the auction house using the app.

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