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NBA 2k17 Tips for the best Defensive Settings


Defense is an important part of any sport and basketball is no exception.  In the fast paced gameplay of NBA 2k17, you don’t really have much time to react to things around you and you will have to set up a good defense plan to fall back on just in case the opponent gets the upper hand. And to help with that, we have prepared this NBA 2k17 tip article to explain and improve your defenses in the game. Now let’s get ready to shoot some hoops boys.

The Tips

Best setting- For Universal Defensive Settings, turn off the Adaptive Coaching Engine. Choose "All" for Go Over, 3/4 Bottom, Manual, Switch All and Pre-Rotate.

Defensive settings for wing players- For the Wing players, make sure to change On-Ball and Off-Ball Pressure to "Tight" and On-Ball Screen to "Go Over."

Defensive settings for Point Guards- For the Point Guard, set the On-Ball and Off-Ball Pressure to "Tight" if the player has above 75 free point range. Anything under 75 should be set to "Moderate."

Defense Settings for Power Forward, Center- For the Power Forward and Center, take note that specific POEs here are very important. Change the On-Ball Pressure to "Tight" and leave the Off-Ball Pressure to "Auto."


Alright, keeping the above mentioned in mind at all times, you should be good to go and bash some heads. Wait, wrong game terminology… Anyway… These NBA 2k17 tips should help out both in Career mode and in online play. Whichever way you turn it, the ball is going to spin with this setup at your side. And here is the best site u7buy.com for cheap NBA 2K17 MT purchase, and fast NBA 2K17 VC Account buying. Now go out there, play some NBA 2k17 and make me proud.

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