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How to Get NBA 2K18 Coins With Gatorade


The months of October and November come with an exciting opportunity for NBA 2K18 players. Gatorade, the sports themed food and drinks manufacturer, has a reward for those who purchase a sampler pack. In addition to the three products included in the pack, buyers will also receive a locker code. When the code is redeemed, players will obtain Gatorade consumables and 3,500 NBA 2K18 virtual currency. Those who are interested in this offer must access the official Gatorade online store and look for the 2K sports bundle. The pack contains a chocolate flavored protein bar, a pack of energy chews, and a bottle of thirst quencher powder that is enough to make two gallons of drink. The pack costs $19.22. The shipping is calculated when buyers check out. Those interested in buying more packs, should know that a maximum of five codes will be sent per order. The locker codes will be sent through email after players make the purchase. 
To redeem the locker codes, players must be in-game. They will open up the main menu and navigate to the Features/Options sub-menu. Players should look for the locker codes options in this sub-menu. They must enter the code when prompted with the virtual keyboard. If the code is correctly introduced, players will receive Gatorade consumables and 3,500 NBA 2K18 coins. The consumables can be energy bars, protein bars, or GTQ drinks. It should be noted that this offer is available only for players who use a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a PC to play the game. The locker codes cannot be redeemed on older platforms. Players have until November 16th to take advantage of this offer. The promotion can end before that date if the bundles are sold out. The locker codes must be redeemed until the end of 2017 else they will become inactive. Only players living in the USA can benefit from this promotion as Gatorade does not ship outside of the US. 

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