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NBA 2K18 – How to Perform Basic Moves Using the Nintendo Switch Controllers


Playing NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch console is a bit different than on others systems. Players will still be able to perform all moves on the court but the buttons are different depending on how players use the Nintendo Switch controllers. The two Joy-Cons can be both used with the Joy-Con grip but players can also use only one Joy-Con. Normally, players will use the Joy-Con grip in single player as it's more comfortable. Two users can play NBA 2K18 on the same Nintendo Switch console by using a Joy-Con each. 
Here is how to perform most common game moves using the Joy-Con grip. Players are moved on the court using the L stick. The R stick is for dribbling, shooting, stealing, or passing. Sprint is done with Zr. By pressing the R button, players will do a pass or a swap. Zl is for assist or post-up. To do a lob pass, rebound, block, or alley-oop players will use the X button. The A button is for taking charge or for performing a bounce or flashy pass. Players can swap characters on the court with the B button. This is also used to pass or touch pass. L button is to call play. The minus button is pressed when players want to call a foul or timeout. To pause the game, the plus button is used. 
Here is how to perform the same moves with one Joy-Con. The stick button on each Joy-Con is used to move the player on the court. To sprint, players need to press Sr. Defensive assist is done with Sl. A rebound or lob pass is achieved with the up button on the left Joy-Con and with the Y button on the right Joy-Con. To take charge or to do a bounce or flashy pass, players will use the right button (left) or the X button (right). To swap to the closest to the ball player or to do a pass or pass touch, players will press the down button (left) or the A button (right). The minus (left) and the plus (right) buttons pause the game.  
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