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NBA 2K18 – How to Quickly Get 2,500 VC and a MyTeam Card


NBA 2K18 fans that can get their hands on Reese's Puffs cereals will get more than a yummy breakfast snack with their purchase. Reese's Puffs boxes contain a locker code that is exchanged for 2,500 NBA 2K18 virtual currency and one MyTeam card. 
The first thing players should know is that the code can be applied on NBA 2K18 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Those interested in getting the prize must first locate a store and then look for the special edition boxes. They're quite easy to spot as “Free NBA 2K18 MyTeam card and Virtual Currency” is written in on the box for everyone to see. It should be noted that all boxes that have this written on them contain a locker code so players are guaranteed to find one inside each box. After the code is obtained from the box, it's time to redeem it in game. This is easily done. Players must load NBA 2K18 and go to the main menu. From there, they must navigate to the Options/Features. The next option that must be selected is the one that says “Locker Codes”. A virtual keyboard is used to introduce the virtual code.
The trouble with this deal is that Reese's Puffs are only sold in US stores so it's practically impossible for those living outside the US to get a box of cereals, let alone one that is part of the promotion. The good news is that there are plenty of NBA 2K18 YouTubers and streamers that are giving locker codes for free. For them this is a really good opportunity to engage the audience. The cereals are not expensive at all so there will be lots of giveaways. It appears that the locker codes don't have any regional restriction so players from anywhere in the world can use them. Players have until the end of the first month of 2018 to use the code. At last, go to u7buy when you need cheap NBA 2K18 MT please. Here you can enjoy the best service and fastest delivery. 

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