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NBA 2K18 – How to Quickly Get 5,000 Virtual Currency


The partnership between NBA 2K and Mountain Dew offers players an in game tournament and prizes. Shortly after the release of NBA 2K18 game, another deal that gives players the chance to get some in game goodies was announced. Players who purchase Mountain Dew Kickstart cans from Walmart stores win 5,000 virtual currency. Here's what you need to about the promotion and how to redeem the prize. 
The deal applies only to Mountain Dew Kickstart cans bought from Walmart stores. There are two Kickstart flavors: Mango Lime and Midnight Grape. Both flavors qualify for the prize. Buyers need to make sure not to lose the receipt as it will be necessary to redeem the code. A picture of the receipt must be sent to DEWNBA2K18@2K.com. The picture must show that the cans were purchased from a Walmart store. All pictures need to be sent before October 31. This is the date when the deal ends. Any pictures sent after this date will not qualify for the prize. If the picture meets all the requirements, the sender will be emailed a locker code. A proof of purchase can only be used once to obtain one code. Seeing that the NBA 2K18 coins are obtained after redeeming the code in game, this is a good chance for NBA 2K18 streamers to organize code giveaways. Players from all over the world can redeem a locker code for 5,000 virtual currency. This provides a nice opportunity for non-US players or anyone interested to snag a code and to get free coins. For YouTubers and streamers, this is a relatively cheap opportunity to increase their popularity. To redeem an in game locker code, players must open the main NBA 2K18 menu and select the Options/Feature option from the menu. Next, they need to select the Locker Code option. The code is manually introduced using the virtual keyboard. To claim the 5,000 NBA 2K18 VC, all codes must be used before November 15.  

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