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How to Get Ready for the First Days of NBA 2K18


Pre-order NBA 2K18. Pre-ordering is a good way of securing a game copy for those who want the box version, especially if they wish to have one of the two available collector's editions, and also to get some in game goodies. Even those who opt for the digital download have benefits from pre-ordering. The virtual coins obtained as bonus and the MyTeam packs are two solid reasons to get the game before the release day. But one of the most compelling reasons to pre-order is the four days head start. Players who decide to get the game in advance, are given the chance to plunge into their basketball adventure on September 15th. Other players will have to wait until September 19th.
Get The Prelude. This free game demo is available only for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners. The Prelude can be downloaded ten days before the release day no matter if players have placed a pre-order or not. The Prelude is not part of any pre-order bonus. It's just a demo that can be played by anyone. It offers a fantastic chance for all those who are interested in NBA 2K18 to check out My Career, to create an in game character, and to get a first look at the new game system called My Neighborhood. Players can even record one of the best Prelude moments and post it on Twitter for a chance to be featured in the first episode of 2KTV.
Download the companion app. NBA 2K18 has a free companion app available for iOS and Android devices. This is a very handy tool that allows players to access some features, to earn extra VC and to take part in multiplayer games. The companion app was updated to provide functionality for the new NBA 2K18 game. Players that have used it in the past with NBA 2K17 will now see that the app has a new cover athlete. The app is necessary to make a face scan for a personalized MyPlayer look. Players can use the app to watch 2KTV, to access the store, to complete daily objectives, and to collect cards. Now NBA 2K18 MT is already on sale for xbox one, ps4, pc and nintendo switch.

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