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NBA 2K18 - Did You Notice an Improved The Neighborhood Experience?


NBA 2K18 Update 5 brought a series of improvements to its game modes. The Neighborhood is one of the modes that had some issues fixed. Players will no longer have to worry about their endorsement checks as Bryan should text them as planned from now on. Players will have an easier time navigating the voting and purchase t-shirts interfaces as both of them were made better. The issue that prevented thumbnails from being correctly displayed when players browsed the shirt store and voting pages is fixed. In the past, players that won five matches on the Playground, would have issues with the Gatorade endorsement. This was fixed. Another issue regarding Playground matches that also involves the 2K camera that sometimes would not behave correctly is no longer a cause for concern. The Mountain Dew NBA 3X tournament mode does not have any more stability issues and the performance was also corrected. The timer in this mode is also fixed. The lineups on the Ruffles 4-Pointer challenge matches will now make more accurate pairing. Players can now join their friends' Playground as the issue that flagged names should not occur anymore. Players that use a Nintendo Switch console to play NBA 2K18 will be able to connect with buddies in the Neighborhood when using the Friends app available in the game. 
Patch 5 also includes gameplay updates. The problem that didn't properly display match-ups on the coach's clipboard is now fixed. Sometimes players could abandon a dunk, do a drop step, and then do a dunk again. This won't happen anymore. The foul rate for high rated blockers has now been changed. Tall players will not have any more troubles when performing layups. The shot clock wouldn't properly stop the time even after it displayed zero. This was fixed. During the timeout, the 3-2 zone defensive set will now show all player icons. The patch was first applied to NBA 2K18 on PlayStation 4 and it later followed on the other systems Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 
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